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One Mans Tale of Addiction and Recovery in the Narconon Program; Robert’s Story Part Six

Posted on the 23 January, 2012 at 6:06 pm Written by in Drug Info

This is part six of a story of a man we are calling Robert who struggled with addiction to heroin. Robert went through the Narconon program and was able to recover from his addiction to drugs. This is the tale of his addiction and his recovery and how he helped others who were like him overcome their addiction to narcotics.

When Robert found out that he had hepatitis C, he was so high all the time that it did not really bother him. He said that he was using so much that he did not really care about sex all that much so he was not worried about giving it to anyone else. He knew that there was certain kind of diet that he should have been eating to help himself not eventually get really sick from his hepatitis, but his main focus was on getting heroin everyday; he was not very worried about food all that much.

Robert was still working for some of the same guys that he had been working for and he would travel around sometimes to make different deals with different people. His home town was about two hours away from the big city where he and Summer had relocated and he would often go there on the weekends and stay with his mother or someone else and conduct business. He started selling heroin in his hometown as well as the drug trends changed from cocaine to heroin. Heroin became very popular and Robert would buy some in the city and then drive two hours north to his hometown and sell it for a big profit.

He would drive to and from the city with one of his partners that also used heroin. He said that they made a lot of money and his heroin habit continued to get worse and worse because he was now able to afford to use even more of it. He said that he lost some of the property that he had, but not because he was not able to pay the bills. He said that heroin made him so out of it that he forgot about many of his responsibilities. He said that the only reason that he was even able to make a living at all was because he was selling heroin and that was what he was focused on using all the time anyway.

Roberts Heroin Addiction Spirals Even More Out of Control

Robert said that whenever he saw Summer he would give her money or heroin or whatever it was that she wanted. He said that he was still in love with her, but she was in love with drugs and would do whatever she could to get more. He said that it really upset him that she was working as a prostitute and a stripper and the way that he dealt with it was to use even more drugs. He said he got to a point where he was using about fifty bags a day, when most people use at the most fifteen. He said that his heroin habit was about five hundred dollars a day. The reason that he was able to pay for it was because he was selling so much at that time.

He also said that during that time he lost all of his desire to have a normal life. He said sometimes when he was in the city he would go into an abandoned building to get high and sometimes would stay there getting messed up for days. He said that there where a few stray cats that lived there also that he would sometimes bring food to, but that was the closest thing to feeling love or affection for any living thing that he came close to at that time. He had no real connection with his children or his family and the only person that would have anything to do with him was his mother. He said that she was always praying for him and trying to help him to get off of drugs. He said that he took advantage of her kindness and he felt really bad about that later when he got clean.

Robert is Arrested Again

Robert went on with his lifestyle of selling and using heroin as long as he could. The situation was not to last however. Robert said that the main problem was that the more messed up he got on heroin, the less careful he was with his actions. He said when he first started selling drugs he was very careful to not get caught. He said he thinks if he never would have started using heroin, he probably would have never got arrested. He said his street sense was very heightened and he was on top of his game when he was not using, but all of his instincts went out the window when he was. He said he remembers doing absolutely crazy things many times when he was high out of his mind and he is surprised that he was not arrested before.

One weekend Roberts’s life was changed forever. Robert and his friend had stayed in Roberts’s home town for a couple of days and then drove back to the city to get a new supply of heroin. Robert said that while they were in the city they were able to sell enough over a three day period that they could back home and just use for a few days without worrying about how to get more. Robert and his friend packed up enough heroin for themselves to use, which with Roberts habit was about three hundred bags, and started the drive home.

Roberts friend drove and when they were almost home they stopped at a gas station to get gas and something to drink. Robert was really high because he had shot up a few times on the way back. When he had got his drink and walked out of the gas station there were a couple of cops standing by the door. Robert was so high he could barely talk and the officers noticed that something was up with him. They began talking to him and he could not even get a sentence out. They asked if he was on something and he said he was just tired. They told him that they were going to search him because he seemed like he was on something. They found heroin on his person and then told him they were going to search his car… Continued in part seven